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IF only…. I could find this little island of thought and exploration – I would go there- the desire inside me is so strong – if only for a brief moment….

TO explore the shells I find on my beach, wind my fingers around the spirals of kelp – listen to the sounds the volcanic stones make when I rub them between my fingers …… and if I wander a bit further what could I hope to find along my meanderings….. if only…….

What follows below is my response to those niggling thoughts that have been nudging for most part of 2008….

I have been trying to give shape to an impulse which has been growing inside my head for the most part of 2008 - a space for a group of like-minded people - who have a desire to explore a different part of working with clay to what they are accustomed to – to take a moment in time to do just that – explore – make – talk and create..

To deviate from the “safe” “navigated – terrain” – to a place of unknown journeys ……. To a fantastic – mythical destination – filled with wonderful fellow travellers – clay that makes one desperate with desire to dig one’s fingers in….. and …….. all the impulses we’ve had for all these years – but for so many reasons – have not found time – or given ourselves space – to follow this fantasy and it’s process ……

I have had many titles for this journey, some being as crazy as : “Looking at the tea-cup from underneath” – “a chance to explore the other…… the part of the vessel that is not seen” …..or spoken about – that is dreamed about – in far off moments of meditative thought….. the moments where we wonder about shapes – clays – pigments – textures – colours – ourselves – and how we resonate with all these things…….. but we are always running – running……. Moving – most of the time far too quickly through things……. To be able to stop – and make the shapes – that haunt our making thoughts…… even perhaps our playing thoughts – if …….


What I am offering is a 12 week – three hour journey once a week . It will start in February and end in April 2009. It will take place on a Tuesday Morning from 9 – 12. You need to be sure that you can participate in of most of the journey – that would be the best. It is a chance to look at different clays – red – white – black and brown clays – translucent and opaque surfaces – being fired at different temperatures……. how they resonate with each other – and with our own creative spirits – how we choose what “Clay-Bodies” to work with – that is the ALCHEMY of the process……. The clay that holds water…… that is moist – the water that caries memories…… of the rivers that it has once been - What makes it transform – once again – into another shape…. Another process……..

The FUNCTION and FORM that the objects take – is also interesting……

whether we choose to sculpt or construct vessels – for ceremonies or for daily use – that is our personal choice – and hence becomes our journey – into the process

– and the challenges and conversations that arise and occur to us

will be the gift ..

The participants will work individually and within the group – there will be quite a lot of discussion and exploring – with words and with practical endeavour.

This process is for people who have never worked with clay and are looking to explore it as a creative process – and for people who have worked with clay and who have experience – but who would like a chance to work with a wonderful group of people – for a short moment in time…… and from there – explore alternative conversations with other materials.

………So it will be like taking a ride – having creative encounters and interactions with one’s self and with a group of people and then stepping back – and reflecting.

It will be about how we fire the pieces we make – or if we fire them at all…. All that and so much more…….. and maybe just that – and no more.

If this interests you –

Please call Kim at (011) 726-6420 –

to discuss your thoughts and your pre-occupations --

– and to register – should you feel inclined.

The group will not be large – but will be adequate to create an environment that challenges and enthralls, who will make this journey?

I hope it will be something worth making………

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