Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The shape of things

A journey in clay

We are all patchwork,
so shapeless and diverse in composition
that each moment,
plays it’s own game.
And there is as much difference
between us and ourselves
As between
Us and others

Michel de montainge, Essais, Second book 1.

I constantly hear people saying
that the world as we know it
is changing and that it will never be the same…


I personally feel that it is changing all the time –
it has never been static for any of us .

I have been thinking about the notion of
How things take on shapes –
the forms that exist
For certain things – in fact for all things
How they come to be like that – and if they should
continue that way or mutate to follow a
different set of functions
And I feel inclined to look at this More closely –
and in the context of working with clay
looking at what we choose to construct
how we make those choices
and what path we choose to follow our creative


is a tremendous material
that one must learn to love
And believe in if it is to open itself for one;

A curious material who’s qualities lie in physics and chemistry have not yet been fully explored.
Working with it requires imagination.

The Chinese and Persians, who perhaps reached the
Greatest heights in ceramics, were poets and dreamers in clay. The Chinese kept 1000 kilns firing in 1000 cities
For 1000 years. They followed the path of experience and patience and finally knew all there was to
Know about clay. They enveloped ceramics in poetry,
Inscribed upon it as an ingenious world of symbols.
Even the most exalted god, t ao, took up
Residence in their vases.

Axel salto


For these 12 weeks –
we will explore the History of the Shape of that each of us each of us – finds most inspiring in our daily lives
Examine the journey that the chosen shape
Has taken through history –
and how we can make and
construct these beloved shapes
in a way that we resonate with personally

How we go about designing and creating shapes that inspire and define our lives and the way we live them.

Objects that are Personal and Ceremonial
The difference between the two, and
How we distinguish between them.

We will research – and test
alternative materials – and how they function in the clay we have chosen to work with.
We will continue to explore and push the boundaries of red, white, buff, black AND BROWN clays.
We will continue with our research and testing of found materials from our travels.

translucent and opaque surfaces –
being fired at different temperatures…
how they resonate with each other –
and with our own creative spirits –
In choosing what “Clay-Bodies” we work with –
We become Alchemists….
We Play, We Dance, We make Magic with the clay-
and in turn
Re-create and give shape to
Our world and our universe…

Contact kim sacks for further information
Regarding clay journeys
(011) 726-6420 – kimsacks@gmail.com

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